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Your Moodle username and password are the same as your regular network username and password, the same ones you would use to log on to an MCS computer.

***Not the full email address, just the username.***

Please do not click the "Forgotten your username or password?" link.  This link is non-functional because your password is not stored on the Moodle server.

If you have forgotten your regular network password, you will have to contact an administrator to have it reset.

If your network account is automatically locked due to logging in multiple times with incorrect passwords then Moodle will not allow you to log in either.  Your account will unlock automatically after 30 minutes.

If you have been given a temporary network password and have not yet reset your password then Moodle will not allow you to log in.  You must log in once on an MCS computer to reset your password and then Moodle will allow you to log in.