Human Development and Wellness is valuable for all students as a life foundation and academic enrichment; it is especially relevant for students interested in careers impacted by individuals’ physical, social, emotional, and moral development and wellness across the lifespan. 

The focus in this class is on nurturing and parenting practices and skills that support positive development of children. Topics include roles, responsibilities and challenges of parenthood; human sexuality;  prenatal development; preparation for birth; the birth process; meeting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs of infants and children; meeting children's needs for food, clothing, shelter, and care giving. This course is recommended for all students whether it be a career goal or a way to build basic parenting skills.

Housing and Interior Design Foundations addresses selecting and planning living environments to meet the needs and wants of individuals and families. The project-based approach in this course utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes to integrate housing and interior design content.  Topics to be studied include: housing styles, locations, zones, ownership options, elements and principles of design, backgrounds, textiles, accessories, and floor planning. This course is recommended for any student for enrichment and as a foundation for students with interests in any career or profession related to housing, interiors, and furnishings. 

Building strong relationships at home, school, work, and community.